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Write articles for money ukulele

But that seems a little pointless this time around as you will see! I say pointless, and that's because of the 52 weeks ofthe site is on track to having reviewed 51 instruments. Some going I think, and for that reason a 'review of the year' would really be nothing more than mentioning 51 ukuleles all over again.

write articles for money ukulele

So I thought I would go with something different for with a look back at the clear highs and lows of the year. But the winner is obvious, as his ukulele went on to be the highest scored ukulele on the site ever That crown can only go to Ken Timms for his mahogany soprano which is quite frankly a wonderful, wonderful ukulele.

My cure for UAS! These should never have left the factory. A brand that delivered a package that just seemed 'right', if that makes sense. There's all sorts of special mentions that can go in this category from the likes of Baton Rouge who continue to impress me with their great value offerings, and to Andy Miles for a ukulele so unique that it deserves special mention just for being so damn interesting.

But there was one brand that really stood out to me In these times of marketing shenanigans plaguing certain Chinese brands who are gaming the system with the reviews on the big box retailers, it was really nice to see a couple of examples of instruments made to a lower budget but still done really well without all the games.

Superb construction and finishes for the price and great sounding too. Couple that with some honest marketing, a hugely friendly team in the form of Ben Schwitz and Theresa Leng and you end up with some instruments that I really think are worth a look.

A bit of light in the current darkness you might say! So, very well done to VTAB for making this grumpy reviewer smile on a couple of occasions this year!

You take my 'Got A Ukulele Brand of ' award.If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles.

Aside from the Google ads, I don't get paid to write this blog.

write articles for money ukulele

Call it a labour of love! Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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I usually wake up around in the morning without the noise of an alarm. One of the worst things in this world is waking up to an alarm.


So, unless I need to go hunt a deer or catch a flight to Kauai, I don’t disturb my body’s usual circadian rhythm. If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles. Aside from the Google ads, I don't get paid to write this blog. Great explanation – even though I don’t intend to ever write any music, it is helpful to me to understand where the music is “coming” from, and where it lives on the ukulele.

This is perhaps, the best and most complete ukulele in terms of bundle pack and accessories. This concert size ukulele is by far better than the soprano size, with 3 inches bigger and better, offering bigger and better sounds, frets with wider space which are perfect for the adult player.

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