What types of software are available for graphics video music education and reference entertainment

One such system was the type19 synthetic radar trainer, built in From these early attempts in the WWII era through the mids, educational software was directly tied to the hardware, on which it ran.

What types of software are available for graphics video music education and reference entertainment

Very quickly, they learn to find the letters in their names, make upper case letters, and use the backspace key to delete. We move on to writing the date, which includes numbers and commas, and to using the space bar and Enter. Next we add words and sentences. Every week in the lab, in addition to writing their names, date, and words, they draw pictures related to the classroom theme of the week.

We also do journal writing each week, and they start doing it on a rotating basis in their classrooms as well. Bubblegum Machine is about word families and rhyming skills. It presents math problems horizontally, vertically, and in story problems.

Even my special ed kids-- who are really only counting in first grade -- can do the same program as the rest of the class, but at their own levels. I preset the levels to count only what their IEPs state they should be doing.

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I use Excel to teach making graphs and entering data, and I use the animation tools in PowerPoint to teach cartooning. Office is a great all-around resource! Students in grade 5 and above migrate easily from Kid Pix to Paint Shop Prowhich allows them to create higher-level graphics.

Those graphics can be used on Web pages, in PowerPoint presentations, and more!

What types of software are available for graphics video music education and reference entertainment

Paint Shop Pro also comes with Animation Shop, a great free add-on. The icons are big and easily understood, and the program comes with add-on templates, great clipart, and a paint program as well! If I could have only one program in my lab, in fact, Microsoft Office Professional Suite would be my choice.

Kid Pix was also among the top choices of fourth grade teacher Mary Kreul, who called it "a great graphics program for illustrating student writing at the elementary level. The software is compatible with Word -- you can import and export between the two -- and with PowerPoint -- you can send an Inspiration map to PowerPoint and each topic becomes a slide.

Inspiration maps can be saved as jpeg files and inserted into other documents as pictures or converted into html and used on the Web. The Inspiration Web site provides great support and lesson ideas, as well as materials for professional development training.

You even can download a free day trail from their Web site to try it out for yourself. If I could only have two programs in my classroom, Inspiration would be one of them. This program alone has saved me hundreds of hours. I could write a whole article about its benefits! It has been a huge time saver for teachers, administrators, and clerical staff -- and has greatly increased communication between home and school.

Our Hollidaysburg Area School District Web page has greatly improved in the year since we started using the program. Anyone who can do word processing, can create a Web page with Schoolwires, so now, instead of one person having to do all our Web work, anyone can post information.

We have had much more interest from teachers, staff, and administrators. We absolutely love it. Rusty Sinclair recommended three programs for technology coordinators and one for science teachers -- and all four programs are free!

You need at least a 16 megabyte video card to run this program.MP3 music files b. streaming video c. graphics d. text. All of the following are examples of educational and reference software EXCEPT _____.

a. EverQuest b. Trip Planning c. Genealogy d. Test Preparation All of the following are types of multimedia and entertainment software, EXCEPT _____.

Some examples of graphic software include Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Microsoft Paint and Picasa. A graphic software is defined as a program that can be used to create, manage or edit computer graphics rendered in two dimensions.

Due to the popularity and wide array of video games that are available, the Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB was created.

What types of software are available for graphics video music education and reference entertainment

The ESRB's purpose is to provide guidance about video games and applications through its ratings. Aug 24,  · Mary Kenneth Keller, a Catholic religious sister, was the first American woman to earn a PhD in computer science.

more There are many different types of software, which can be a little confusing for the uninitiated. Following is a brief definition of each type, and the differences between them.

Looking for free streaming video and music, creative tools, or just a little something to pass the time? Try Crackle, Picozu Editor, Planetarium, or any of our other picks for no-cost entertainment.

Mobile software applications, or simply apps, are available to perform in much the same way as their full-blown computer software counterparts do: they are designed for specific tasks and.

What are the Different Types of Software? (with pictures)