The bell jar essay

Even the bell jar itself is a suffocating tomb, an airless place where the soul dies, if not the body.

The bell jar essay

Chapter 1 In the summer ofEsther Greenwood, a brilliant college student, wins a month to work as guest editor with eleven other girls at a New York magazine. Though Esther knows she should be enjoying herself, she feels only numb and detached from the old ambitious self that her boss, editor Jay Cee, tries to motivate.

Esther vacillates between wanting to be wholesome, like her friend Betsy, and wanting to break all rules, like her friend Doreen. She worries about the rigid expectations of virginity, maternity, and wifeliness that society and her mother holds for young women and feels paralyzed by her contradictory desires for her own future.

She goes on a string of bad dates, the best of which feels anticlimactic when the Constantin, an interpreter, makes no romantic advances and the worst of which ends with the misogynistic Marco trying to rape her.

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Buddy is currently suffering from TB, but Esther plans to break up with him as soon as he gets better. Back at home near Boston, Esther is rejected from a writing course she had planned to spend the rest of the summer taking. She stops bathing or changing her clothes. She tries and fails to write a novel and loses the ability to sleep, read, write, or eat.

She lies about her identity to every stranger she meets. Gordon, an unsympathetic psychiatrist who prescribes and then incorrectly administers electric shock treatment. Esther tries to kill herself in a variety of unsuccessful ways by slitting her wrists, hanging herself, and drowning before hiding in a crawlspace under her house and taking fifty sleeping pills.

Esther is found and rescued and wakes up in a hospital.

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Facing her own horrific reflection in a mirror, she does not recognize herself. Esther is soon moved to the psychiatric ward of the city hospital where she is paranoid, uncooperative, and still suicidal.

Nolan and enjoys comforts and freedoms that the city hospital lacked. Through a combination of analysis, insulin injections, and correctly administered electric shock therapy, Esther improves and begins to contemplate reentering her old life.

As her condition improves, Esther earns more freedom to come and go from the asylum and she uses these privileges to buy a diaphragm and to lose her virginity in a one-night stand with a math professor, Irwin.

The bell jar essay

With the encouragement of Dr. Nolan, Esther has learned to embrace her independence as a woman and shake off the stifling social expectations she used to feel constrained by.

Unfortunately, though Esther expects her loss of virginity to be a revelation, it results in painful hemorrhaging. Later, she discovers Joan having an affair with another patient, DeeDee, and thinks about lesbianism, which she has no attraction to. Soon afterwards, Joan hangs herself.

Buddy visits Esther at the asylum and Esther gets closure on their relationship.The Bell Jar By: Sylvia Plath The Bell Jar and The Beating Heart "Class is meaningless," says Doctor Nolan; however, according to Humphrey [1], it is not so much class that is meaningless, but rather the absurdity, and eventually the fatal flaw, of class.

Playdough, Paperweight, Snowball: An Analysis of the Bell Jar “I saw the years of my life spaced along a road in the form of telephone poles, threaded together by wires. The Bell Jar People's lives are shaped through their success and failure in their personal relationships with each other.

The author Sylvia Plath demonstrates this in the novel.

Essay: The Bell Jar

"The Bell Jar", which is written by Sylvia Plath, indicates that patriarchal society has many effects on women. Men have power over women in both direct and indirect ways.

In this paper, I would like to concern about Esther and patriarchy. Men use their power directly to oppress Esther. A bell jar is a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect and display delicate objects or to cover scientific apparatus or to contain gases or a vacuum.

Esther uses the bell jar as a symbol to convey her feeling of being cut off from the normal world.

The bell jar essay

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