Research papers on mental retardation

Research Planning Work Groups produced "white papers" on the research needed to inform and shape the DSM-5 [34] and the resulting work and recommendations were reported in an APA monograph [35] and peer-reviewed literature. Three additional white papers were also due by concerning gender issues, diagnostic issues in the geriatric population, and mental disorders in infants and young children. The DSM-5 Task Force consisted of 27 members, including a chair and vice chair, who collectively represent research scientists from psychiatry and other disciplines, clinical care providers, and consumer and family advocates. Scientists working on the revision of the DSM had a broad range of experience and interests.

Research papers on mental retardation

April 15, writer Research Papers 0 Mental illness is a disease of the brain specific to the human being. They are usually defined by various disorders of mental activity as productive such as compulsive ideas, delusions, hallucinations and negative loss or weakening of mental activity and general personality changes.

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Basically all mental illness can be divided into three major groups: By exogenous we can name mental illness, which arose under the influence of external factors, i. Such disorders may be influenced by infections, intoxication such as alcohol, drugs and so onvarious diseases of internal organs heart, liver, kidneysendocrine diseases.

A special group of mental illnesses of exogenous origin is reactive psychosis caused by the severe mental trauma and prolonged traumatic psychological impact on people. An injury, tumor, or illness that result in unrecoverable changes in the brain structure are called exogenous-organic causes.

Endogenous mental illness is mainly due to hereditary factors, although their nature and transmission are not fully understood. This hereditary factor can trigger inherent mechanisms of disorder under the influence of some external effects or can be released by disease or may as well remain inactive and be transmitted to the next generation.

Such diseases include schizophrenia psychosis, in which mental disorders combined with preservation of intelligence and clear mindmanic-depressive psychosis MDP — alternating periods of joyful and depressed mood and schizoaffective disorder, which is an intermediate state between schizophrenia and MDP.

There exist other types of mental disorders that cannot be attributed to any of exogenous or endogenous group of diseases. Thus, some senile psychoses e. Particular types of psychosis include mental changes in epilepsy. All these diseases are attributed to a group of endogenously-organic diseases — the name indicates that in addition to genetic predisposition in these patients, there are changes in the structure of the brain.

It is very difficult to set the true number of patients with mental illness, as not all of them seek psychiatric help. To write a first-rate research proposal on mental illness, writers have to investigate thoroughly the subject and carefully analyze various aspects of this complex issue.

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Research papers on mental retardation

How to Write a Research Paper on Mental Illness This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. Mental Retardation Research Paper December 14, writer Research Papers 0 According to modern scientific ideas, the concept of “mental retardation” has a collective meaning, which combines the most different in their origin forms of .

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Research papers on mental retardation

DC-LD is a new classification system providing operationalised diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders, intended for use with adults with moderate to profound learning disabilities.

For the beginners there are thousands of free research papers on different mental illness topics on the Web, which can be of a great assistance. These free samples can provide you some ideas for you work and show you general rules of proper scientific writing.

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