Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality

General considerations Definitions Both terms in the title of this article are in need of elaboration. The use of the term literature in English to imply those writings that are susceptible to aesthetic analysis as opposed to everything that is written is of relatively recent vintage, and the development of a field of study devoted to it is yet more recent with the study in the West of non-Western literary traditions being even more so.

Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality

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The state of the music video post-YouTube is something like a paradox.

At the same time, the audience for music videos has arguably never been larger or more socio-economically diverse. No longer an arty, niche marketing tool consigned to the few channels available to those who subscribed to cable channels that had, incidentally, long ago abandoned their playlists in favor of proto-reality TVthe world of music videos is now an infinite, democratic panacea.

Standing out from the pack has perhaps never been tougher and, even now, great videos run the risk of being overshadowed by an imitator, fan vid, or even a simple, Chris Crockerian webcam rant.

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Many of the best videos of the last decade were reflections of that hyperawareness. And yet a few other soldiers of the analogue brigade, led by the Man in Black, stood bravely out of time, pondering the ephemerality and mortality of it all. Head on over to The House Next Door to watch the entire list.

Letting off steam has never felt so touchingly conveyed as it does in this quirky and unexpectedly poetic rumination on the nature of affection and dependency. Rather than scoff at life, accusing it of futility, the video beautifully and poignantly acknowledges the healing power and persistence of memory in the wake of tragedy.

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Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality

Modern aesthetics regards sight and hearing as the only senses which were able to produce art. Touch, smell and taste might offer pleasant stimuli, but can never achieve the status of art objects.

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Because ephemerality is, however, an extremely ordinary notion to countless expressive artists, it is vital to notice the literary elements these renowned authors applied . Discover some of the natural still life objects that appear in famous still life paintings throughout history!

Explore the symbolism and meaning of these objects, with still life examples.

Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality

Food in a still life often points out our mortality and the ephemerality of earthly existence. When the food is fresh and ripe, it can signify abundance. Canon and Creativity: Modern Writing and the Authority of Scripture by Robert Alter a brooding series of poetic-philosophic reflections on the futility of all human endeavor and desire and the leveling prospect of cyclical recurrence in all things (Ecclesiastes).

the broodings on . The Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto focuses on the beauty of materials such as fibers, metals, and resin. Her work is included in permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Japanese Gardens Flordia, the Kock Collection at the Swiss National Museum, Murikami Museum and the Racine Art Museum.

POETRY Too Late To Be A Fortune Cookie Writer Poems addressing universal concerns of maturity, mortality, memory and more Burning The Maid: Poems For Joan Of  New reflections in verse on this Saint-For-All-Seasons Where Do Things Go?

A poetic mirror for today's adults, challenged by changing times.

Reflections on an Aesthetics of Touch, Smell and Taste