Physics power generation pollution

These "trash islands" have been captured in images by photographer Caroline Power, who lives on Honduran island of Roatan. The problem shows that trash "continues to enter our oceans that leads to the formation of these trash patches," she told AFP by email. Some of the detritus clumped together in the waves that she documented was being deposited on beaches around Omoa, a seaside town in northern Honduras. It included hospital waste and plastic containers of all types.

Physics power generation pollution

In an answer to Domenico Canino you recently wrote: Andrea Rossi September 12, at 8: I have a very good opinion of Milena Gabanelli as an investigative journalist, but I think that, to make a complete analysis of the factors that determine the global warming, we must consider that the geothermic cycles have a time-span of hundred thousands years, if not million years, not of tens or hundreds of years.

For example, what today is the Sahara desert once was a forest the like of the Amazon forest today and surely this event has not been caused by the mankind activities. I think that the time-span taken in consideration in this interesting report is too short to be reliable for conclusions.

It has not been analyzed the duration of events happened in million years, I mean the integrals of such durations, comparing them to the integral considered in this report.

Maybe such analysis could give support to the thesis sustained in the report, maybe not, I do not know, but such an analysis has to be done, before drafting conclusions. The scientific basis of the reports of the ipcc is very sound, and i agree with it.

Physics power generation pollution

More precisely, where you refer to big climate changes not caused by humans in the past, many of them can be explained, but they all are slower than present climate change. Most ice ages and interglacial periods, especially those of the last See, for instance, this graph: OOO years, that of obliquity about A general and good readable summary of his work, you can find here: And, of course, the continental drift also changes general climate on drifting continents, but of course at a much slower pace.

But present climate change is much quicker, and most of it can be attributed to human activities. The work of the ipcc is very high level, and I agree with its conclusions.

Physics power generation pollution

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Dear Andrea, Thank you for the answers. If you were to give such a presentation in honor of Focardi about the early systems you tested together, I think it would be extremely well received.

International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 1 ISSN Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generation. Nov 12,  · The Cascade range of volcanoes is pretty impressive to see from the ground.

Stretching from California up to Washington, it includes famous mountains like Saint Helens, Hood, and Rainier. These "trash islands" have been captured in images by photographer Caroline Power, who lives on Honduran island of Roatan. The problem shows that trash "continues to enter our oceans that leads to.

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