Ph wants access to sabah standoff

Otley Beyer and Harold Conklin in as "arrendamiento" or "lease". The ambiguity led to the different interpretation of the original Malay text, as shown in two versions below:

Ph wants access to sabah standoff

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If you have a solid reference, please post it here, but otherwise I intend to continue removing the unreferenced flags. It seems that the group in Lahad Datu is using some flag or other, but it to represent the sultanate, not the Philippines. He actively uses the flag, including on the coat of arms of his sultanate as seen here.

The article currently cites sources that say the group arrived on 11 February. Brian Z talk The first edit made to this article lists the date as February The accompanying source for that edit states An earlier February 16 Inquirer articlewhich I used to determine the date in the current versionsays the group departed from Tawi-Tawi on February It could be possible though that the group departed from Tawi-Tawi on February 11 but arrived in Lahad Datu on February An infobox to this article was added on February 24with the date of the start of the standoff on the infobox written as February 9 but the date on the lead paragraph unchanged still February In any case, since the February 16 Inquirer article is the earlier source, I used [it] primarily to show the historical development of the subjectand thus chose February A Bernama piece quotes the police as saying they arrived on the 12th.

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And one of these articles has the sultan saying they left on the 11th. So the idea that they left from the Philippines on the 11th and arrived on the 12th seems to be supported, but I will leave the article as it stands for now.

However, they do have another excerpt from that same interview. No proof of any Malaysian political motives can be ascertain at the moment thus a neutral ground of citing allegations only. If it is, what do we call the operations after the gunfight?

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He did say his remaining men were still there in Lahad Datu. Perhaps we can add a "Subsequent Events" section after the March 1 incident or something similar in the article. A standoff implies occupation of a stationary object for a long period of time. The best terminology to describe it now would be an ongoing conflict.

There are quite a few of them, and each article lists its subject as the Sultan of Selu, conveniently listing when he was crowed but not by whom, or with whose acquiescence.PH wants access to Sabah standoff victims.

Ph wants access to sabah standoff

Mar 03, - PM UPDATED The government wants to give the Sulu Sultan a few more days to study the message sent to him by President Aquino.

The SABAH standoff Let us pray that the Filipinos in Sabah will be safe and spared from harm DFA Spokesperson Hernandez said the Philippines wants to send its ship, BRP Tagbanua, to dock in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

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He said the ship will attend to injured Filipinos and bring them back home. If Malaysia is clumsy about handling the Sabah standoff, it will have the same problem the Philippine government had when it fought a Muslim rebellion in the South in the s up to the s.

12/03/ Essay about Ph Wants Access to Sabah Standoff Victims PH WANTS ACCESS TO SABAH STANDOFF VICTIMS MANILA, Philippines - Philippine diplomats have been sent to Sabah to assist Filipinos affected by thedeadly standoff between Malaysian police and supporters of the Sulu Sultanate, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Sunday, March 3.

For access issues, bug reports and technical concerns, please email us at [email protected] Thank you! [MERGED] Sabah Standoff I don't usually post in this section of the forum but I have a strong feeling that the PH government is supporting Kiram's group in Malaysia although mahirap patunayan dahil panay ang deny ni Pnoy.

The Lahad Datu standoff (also known as the Lahad Datu incursion) was a military conflict that started on 11 February and fully ended on 24 March The standoff arose after militants, some of whom were armed, arrived by boats in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia from Simunul island, Tawi-Tawi, in the southern Philippines, on 11 February

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