Ocean protection and conservation essay

Short essay on Soil Conservation K. Soil conservation includes all such measures which protect the soil from erosion and restore its fertility. Following are some of the schemes worthy of mention here:

Ocean protection and conservation essay

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We believe that the people most closely connected to the reef should be the ones that care for it, and so are trying to get more and more divers involved in marine education and conservation. As a Social Enterprise Organization SEOour focus is on protecting and enriching the coral reefs while providing education and training for those wishing to develop, contribute to, or pursue a career in fields related to marine coastal management and protection.

Our education and certification program is designed to give participants a hands-on approach to learning about the coral reef environment and a wide range of research and restoration techniques used by professionals around the world.

Participants in our program range from gap year students wanting to learn something new and give back on their holiday, to seasoned dive instructors wanting to learn or start teaching marine conservation courses.

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We also host many students doing thesis projects for anything from internships to PhD thesis. The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program is responsible for much of the marine protection or related activities and on-going maintenance around the island of Koh Tao, working closely with the local community and government groups such as the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and the Department of Fisheries.

Students in our program assist on a wide range of our ongoing projects, allowing them to immediately apply and practice the skills learned.

For more than a decade our program has provided a wide range of tangible positive impacts to the reefs of Koh Tao, while also training and certifying over 1, students from around the globe.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Mar 20,  · This “just add water” approach to marine protection is a flawed recipe for conservation that is failing to protect the areas of our oceans that require our immediate attention.

Theological Resources I and others (such as the Faraday Institute at Cambridge University) are working together to develop new and make known previously available resources that help us to think Biblically about the ocean and marine conservation.

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Essay on Ocean Protection and Conservation - The oceans need to be protected because it is where life began and if not taken care of, life as we know it will end. When dangerous substances go into the ocean, ecosystems are suffer and become endangered along with lives of people and of marine life.

Ocean protection and conservation essay

International Union for conservation of Natural and Natural Resources (IUCN) define conservation as rational use of environment to provide a high quality of living for the mankind. Conservation is essential for life support system like air, water, land, flora & fauna, biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Tanzania's legislation in the context of international law relating to the protection and preservation of endangered marine species.

Ocean protection and conservation essay

Specifically, reviews international instruments, IGO’s.

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