Linking words and phrases

Please feel free to download them via this link to the category page: It contains all the transition words listed on this site. The image to the left gives you an impression how it looks like. Usage of Transition Words in Essays Transition words and phrases are vital devices for essays, papers or other literary compositions.

Linking words and phrases

There are several categories of transitions, ranging from words and phrases that signal contrast to words and phrases that signal agreement. This article presents some commonly misused linking words that you should be aware of, and then presents some of the most common types of linking words, along with examples.

Example of misused transition: Therefore Law firms are known for their highly competitive environments. Therefore it is important for lawyers to set themselves apart from their colleagues.

To see the problem more clearly, simplify the sentence: However, the fact that people know of the highly competitive environment is more or less irrelevant to the reasons lawyers set themselves apart from each other. Therefore used correctly Law firms are highly competitive environments.

Here, the logical connection is between law firms being highly competitive environments and lawyers needing to set themselves apart from each other. Herewith, therewith, hereby These are all examples of transition words not in common use. They are most common in the technical definitions of legal documents, and often sound archaic when used in other contexts.

Hereby One of the best ways to understand poverty is as a disease. Improved Example One of the best ways to understand poverty is as a disease. Almost always the context of the discussion will clarify your meaning if you use simply and or or.

Making the ambiguity worse, the intended meaning will change depending on the writer. This confusion of use among beginning writers makes it difficult for a reader to decide among the choices. The emphasis seems not to be right here, at least if we think that whether staff will be paid is at least as important as the time of the meeting.

Linking words and phrases

To see the problem more clearly, we can keep the emphasis as it is and rephrase the sentence: The emphasis is the same in the original sentence.

Numerical in the first, second, etc.The main linking words and phrases are grouped below according to the similarity of their meaning to the three basic connectives and, or, but. Some can be used to link paragraphs and others can only be used to link ideas within a paragraph. 1. and a) Listing 1.

Adding a few linking words and phrases between your sentences (words similar to the English “ and then,” “ and so,” “ after all,” and so on) can help your Japanese feel very fluid and is especially good when telling a story or relating a series of events.

COHERENCE: LINKING WORDS AND PHRASES To make your work more readable and meaningful, ideas and paragraphs must be linked. Linking words are essential in developing coherent logical arguments and discussion in your assignments.

They show the relationships between the ideas and are the glue that holds your assignment together. The table below. The words and phrases listed below for this category can be used to introduce support, emphasize the importance of something, or to give an illustration of something.

Here’s a short list of example words or phrases. Here is an overview of common linking words in English. To give examples. To give examples we can use the following linking expressions: for instance, for example, in particular People often behave stupidly when they are frightened.

Using linking words and phrases to to provide the result of what has been stated or has occurred. Linking Words and Phrases – Video.

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