Enable usb write access registry from vba

However, the hack disable the USB access to disk drive completely. Run Registry Editor regedit. Navigate to one of the following registry key:

Enable usb write access registry from vba

You could just upgrade Microsoft Office and not have to worry about file compatibility or about your macros not working. I was just beginning to relax. Unfortunately Microsoft never relaxes and the latest "innovations" extend past the annoying ribbon interface I've been using it for over a year and I still consider it annoying to clobber both file formats and macros.

enable usb write access registry from vba

The File Format Problem The file format problem is easy to fix. First of all, I've changed our defaults to save in Office format.

There's no sense in our company posting files for public consumption in a format that they can't read. If your fleet is still using Officeyou can download a compatibility pack which will enable it to read the new office formats.

It's all good for automation. Unfortunately the 32 bit API calls won't work any more. Sometimes you'll try to open a macro that contains an unusual object, such as a calendar control.

It highlights the first string function and says "Can't find project or library" which promptly sets you off on a wild goose chase.


To fix this problem, Click Tools, then References if this is greyed out, you didn't stop the macro. Find the problem Reference in the list and deselect it Click Ok.

You'll also have to replace your missing element with a similar control, such as a text box and adjust any code which refers to it.

After that though, you should have a working, if a little disabled, macro. Now I just need to find a 64 bit calendar control.Giveaway Radar covers all relevant giveaway sites plus some other giveaways and promotions.

However, nobody can cover everything, so we do not even try! Our aim is to provide you with as many "good" giveaways as we can. So we search the web and pick the good ones for you.

Web (Internet) resources for Microsoft Word users from Frequently Asked Questions about Word compiled from the Microsoft Word newsgroups. If you don’t want to manually edit the registry, download the following files and double click them to enable or disable write protection in USB ports: Download Registry Files.

1. Enable USB Write protection 2. Disable USB Write protection. Software to Enable, Disable or password Protect USB Drives. There may be a situation when you would want to . Disable USB Write Once you use the registry hack, you will have to reboot for the changes to take effect.

enable usb write access registry from vba

One should also note that if you are using this trick, you should make sure that the users are not administrators on the computer, because they could easily change this setting back. Read and Write Windows Registry with VBA VBA offers the functions GetSetting, SaveSetting, GetAllSettings and DeleteSetting for reading and writing the Windows Registry.

(For detailed info see the Microsoft VBA help .

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(#VIS) Does the OD matrix have to be square? Yes. Each origin and destination is a place, and you can go to or come from any of these places.

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