Chemistry question paper

Chemistry Paper Analysis New Delhi: Most of the students must be wondering whether they have attempted the questions correctly in the exam today or not. We have asked some students and teachers regarding the questions and answers of today's Chemistry paper and feed back suggested that the questions were tricky but 'attemptable'.

Chemistry question paper

The students who are preparing for the board exams are now putting all their efforts. Where for some, board exam is a phobia, there on the other hand for some they are just the regular exams.

It is just the approach and your thinking that differentiate the board exams from the normal ones. If you treat them as the regular exam then you will ultimately be able to conquer your fear for the board exam. Well, winning your fear is a different thing, but preparing for the board exams Chemistry question paper totally a different thing.

And you know, if your teachers are telling you to practice the last 10 years question papers, then it must be something important. And to know what special is there in those question paper, you got to check them out.

Please note that the files are in the form of PDF and you will need a pdf file reader installed on your device. So make sure that you have it installed on your device before you download the previous year question papers. Running Out of Time?


The first thing I would like to advise you is that, if you think the syllabus is too big to cover or if somehow you lagged behind, then look for those topics only which carry more marks and have a greater probability to come in the exam.

For that, you will need to check your weightage table for chemistry as described by CBSE. Inorganic chemistry is considered as the most scoring part of chemistry, and if you are well prepared then you can squeeze maximum marks from this part which can cover up for the numerical part.

So do prepare well for them. You need to deliver your best on the day of the exam, because this is the day for which you have been preparing the whole year. Just try to keep the following points in your mind while giving the exam.

First of all, go through the question paper with great concentration, as it may be possible that you find the answers to few question just by reading the question paper. Once you read the question paper, pick out the question that you can answer the best.

Chemistry question paper

Try to explain the long answers via diagram too. And before you start answering the long questions, make a proper structure of the answer in your mind. Try to divide your answer into points as they give the clear and point to point idea to the examiner of what you want to write.

Do not waste time on writing the long answers to short questions. Finally, go through your answer sheet at least once to make sure you answered each and every question properly. And if you still got time then try to attempt question that you do not know well.The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry syllabus enables learners to understand the technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments. UGC-NET COMPUTER SCIENCE Download; 1 UGC-NET-JRF Computer Science and Applications Paper June [Unsolved Download; 2 UGC-NET-JRF Computer Science and Applications Paper Dec [Unsolved]. Download Free CBSE Board Chemistry paper of class 12 that was held on 13 March is in PDF and are solved by expert teachers for C.B.S.E.


Chemistry question paper

To clear the doubt students can download CBSE board Chemistry previous year question paper for . Download Chemistry 12th Class previous year Question Paper CBSE pdf One thing that you will hear from all your teachers and parents is to Download Chemistry 12th Class previous year Question Paper CBSE pdf and practice them the best way you can.

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