A murder in virginia word doc

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A murder in virginia word doc

A murder in virginia word doc

Beyond the murder mystery is the tragic story of two women in love. As it descends into the backcountry of Shenandoah National Park, the gentle slope grows more pronounced and the rocky surface provides a tenuous foothold.

In the distance, a clear creek cuts through an otherwise silent world of thick ferns and red-capped mushrooms. Winans left and Williams The crime shocked the lesbian and gay community when it was revealed that the young hikers were sweethearts. Community activists quickly suggested the duo might be victims of a bias crime.

The gunman is now serving a life sentence without parole. The FBI is also investigating the case in connection with the murder of a lesbian couple that took place in eastern Virginia, in which the victims were similarly bound and slashed, a double murder that the FBI considers to be the first of a possible series of murders in that state, the others involving heterosexual couples.

For grief-stricken family members and friends, the lack of any witnesses or suspects only adds to a continuing nightmare. Their families were unaware that Williams A murder in virginia word doc Winans were lesbians, never mind lovers, and were unprepared for the media circus that followed the posthumous public outing.

Trapped in the spotlight, some friends struggled to protect the image of two women who were private about their sexual identity. Others felt that revealing their lesbianism was not only relevant to the truth and important in solving a murder case but an important facet of their lives that should not remain hidden.

Lost in this news hunt, then, is the real story—not about two deaths but about two lives—a love story involving two strong and spirited women who felt at home in the wilderness. It began almost two years ago, on another camping trip, when Julie Williams and Lollie Winans first met and shared a tent.

It shows the lanky outdoorswoman wearing a yellow thermal pullover, hauling an Alumacraft canoe over her head. Framed by her short brown hair is an Ivory Snow face with an almost impossibly broad smile.

She looks directly at the camera. That unflinching face, say friends, is vintage Julie as she is remembered. In the months before her death, Williams was trying to figure out how to do meaningful work in a hostile economy, how to reconcile her lesbianism and her Christianity, how to be honest with and supportive of the people she loved.

She seemed very open and searching. Cloud, Minnesota, Williams was an achiever from the start. She lived an entire lifetime in 24 years, says her friend Gina Uzzanti-Roberge.

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Growing up in St. But it was at Carleton College, in Northfield, Minnesota, that Williams came of age, finding her home in the close-knit geology department.

She loved her classmates, loved geology, loved education.

A murder in virginia word doc

She wanted to see how things fit together. She was a person who had to look carefully at details before she fit them into the larger picture. InWilliams and five other students went to Greek Macedonia to study the relationship between ancient people and their landscape.

For six hours a day, in the dry summer heat, she would chart the sediment in an oak-studded river valley, carefully describing the composition of each layer.

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No sooner did she finish this project than it was on to Italy to study the extinction of the dinosaurs. She was dazzled by the Alpine countryside. I tried to keep my eyes on the road as we passed flowing, rushing mountain streams and wooden window boxes filled with pink, green, and red.

She wondered whether she could find meaning as a geologist. She was also starting to question her sexual identity. Williams dated men throughout college and began seeing another after graduation. But her interest in women persisted. She wanted to live outside a big city, but somewhere she could comfortably come out.

She began assembling a circle of close friends, most of whom never met one another. An outgoing married woman with a flair for fashion, Uzzanti-Roberge seemed an unlikely friend for a quiet lesbian who wore baggy clothes and preached the virtues of unshaved legs.

Still, she was searching, trying to reconcile her deep Christian faith with her growing sense of identity as a lesbian. She joined Christ Church Presbyterian, a liberal congregation on the University of Vermont campus, and reached out to Strader and the congregation for guidance.

Needing support, Williams hooked up with three other lesbians to form a group called the Church Ladies, which explored how gay men and lesbians can feel welcome in a religion that has traditionally excluded them. By last spring, she found a Biblical verse from Jeremiah that helped her understand that God did not hate her: The setting was Woodswomen, a Minnesota-based outdoor recreation program where the two kicked off the season climbing rocks and canoeing around the Boundary Waters, and learned to run outings for women and children.

The first night the two shared a tent with a third womanthey laughed the hours away, never realizing they were flirting.MARTIN CO., Ky. (WTVQ) – A West Virginia man is facing charges for a triple murder in Kentucky.

State police say a Martin County Grand Jury indicted Lance Ward, 28, Thursday on murder and. It's in Virginia, and a white woman lies in her farmyard, murdered with an ax.

Suspicion soon falls on a young black sawmill hand, who tries to flee the county. Captured, he implicates three women, accusing them of /5(17).

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